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Pricing strategies

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About Us

Following graduation and the initiation of the global pandemic (COVID-19), Sebastian has found a new opportunity to grow an idea of his. In particular, he noticed that many small businesses found themselves in a situation where they needed to quickly adjust to the new lifestyles of customers who were growing concerned with the new infectious disease. Businesses by contrast were concerned with sustaining a business model where their focus was on retaining prior clients without having to put them through any risk of exposure. EsPi-IT attempted to help ease both concerns of the individual and the businesses by using alternative business solutions such as providing a new user-friendly online interface to both parties and automating as much as possible their interaction. Sebastian hopes this would help establish trust between both parties to show both that businesses cared about the well being of their customers and in maintaining professional relationships.


They say family inspires and brings the best out of all of us and EsPi IT is no different! EsPi IT started shortly after the creation of a dream small business by the owners of shogunparties who just so happened to be my wonderful parents. Growing tired of having ideas shut down by the executive members of their past employers, they knew the only way to fix this was to start a new business. Having clients already come up to them to initiate a business, they decided to leap forward and start their dream. All went well, but as the business grew so did the scope of responsibilities placed upon them. How do you create a website for clients, should we increase our prices for our services and if so by how much, how can we start accepting credit cards, should we open more business checking accounts and business credit cards? How can we keep a record of all of our customers? Can we make it so the website automatically accepts reservations? Here is where EsPi IT comes in!


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